Sing that Song out Loud
Sed dignissim lacinia nunc

Sing that Song out Loud

Doing me is not something I have always done but it’s what I do now. After spending a lot of years of my life listening to the noise going on and on about how “kiherehere” I am, I gave my own definition to that: bold, confident, ambitious, inspirational, energetic, strong – willed and a person who will stop at nothing to be who she is and inspire the world. It hasn’t been easy, I still have the scars from the wounds and pain and I still have wet eyes and sometimes I still cry in bed but rise up and do me each day until it has now become a habit; so much so that it doesn’t matter if you think I can or cannot; if you think I have what it takes or not – it only matters what I think and it’s not about you to allow me as I have already given myself permission to be me at my work place and any other place I find myself. I therefore hope I am speaking to someone today when I tell you my dear friend to go forth and do you.

Become that person you have always wanted to be because there is nothing as beautiful as doing what you love to do; being who you really are and doing you. It’s exactly why you were created; to be here to do you. Stop sitting there and waiting for the world or anyone to understand you and your vision. They won’t because that vision is not theirs but yours. You therefore need to build the resilience that is required to go all the way; to do you all the way eventually blessing the world with the gift that is YOU!

Sing and play that song out loud. You will be surprised at what you’re capable of; at how melodious you are.

Listen in to this video by Lisa Nichols. It will speak to you further.

Have a Super Life of doing you because no one can do you better than you!

By Wanjiru Kaburu

Author|Speaker|Communication & Branding Strategist|Coach| Writer & Editor|Founder, Infinite Space

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