Your Story

The person who wrote the foreword of my book “The Power of Self – Love”, Dr. Stanley Mwenda Aruyaru, highlighted a story told of a gentleman who while in high school was rebuked by his teacher: “You will amount to shit!” He went ahead and did exactly that. He founded the mobile toilets that are at hand in most occasions in Nairobi and across the country. Dr. Aruyaru then likens this to the story of my high school principal who called me a devil and says that I went ahead and became that; a devil to mediocrity and complacency; a devil to inattention; a devil to the naysayers who cross my line and who tend to give themselves power to limit me and dictate what I can and cannot do; a devil to staying small; a devil to living a life without purpose.

Why am I highlighting this?
I am doing so because it’s in the same spirit that Infinite Space was formed: to complete my story and fulfill my purpose but also, to help you take charge of your story. There is power in your story and you have the power and control over it. As a story teller and a believer in the power of stories, I am dedicating this section to telling your story and helping you draw inspiration from it and inspire others to become more because that’s what Infinite Space is about; inspiring people and entities to become more. 

Look out for the Infinite Space magazine which is an avenue to publish these stories and if you would like to initiate the process for us to publish your story kindly reach me directly via or call/ SMS/ WhatsApp me via +254701 735059.

From the Founder: Wanjiru Kaburu.