Working Backwards

Working Backwards

In so many success stories I have come across this,”you cannot become what you cannot see or visualize”. It has also been said that the richest place is the cemetery for there lies ideas that were never actualized, dreams that were never lived and potential revolution that the deceased were too weak, afraid or doubtful to bring to life. What this therefore means is that one has to dream, believe in their dream and breathe life into their dream by making a right step every day towards actualizing that dream.

This requires more than just believing in the dream but staying connected to it and grounded. Sometimes it requires appearing crazy to everyone out of the fire in you to make it happen. As Steve Jobs once said, “You have to be crazy enough to think you can change the world and go for it”. Those who know Steve Jobs know what that ‘crazy’ resulted to.

“You cannot become what you cannot visualize.” What this means is that you have to imagine yourself as that which your dream is and start working towards getting there. Imagine yourself as a CEO of that great company, as a Cabinet Secretary, as a Tech Mover, as the President, as among the top 10 richest people listed in the Forbes magazine….whatever it is, visualize it. After doing that, develop a routine that will lead you to your dream. Actually, see yourself as already that and this should be a motivation enough to make that visualized future/ that fantasy a reality.

A friend of mine in a short speech at a charity event sometime back said, “some people came into this world to just consume our food and air then die”. Isn’t this sad? Another way of working backwards is visualizing yourself as deceased and ask yourself if you will be resting in peace having lived your purpose and used every opportunity to make yourself and the world better or are you one of the unfortunate cases. After answering yourself this question honestly in the future, start doing those things that will make you rest in peace when you finally do.

Working backwards is a challenge worth taking. Try it and share your experience.


By Wanjiru Kaburu

Author|Speaker|Communication & Branding Strategist|Coach|Founder, Infinite Space

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