Four Key Questions to answer for Effective Speech Delivery

The last time you delivered a speech what guided you to ensure that you deliver it effectively? In my journey as a speaker, answering the following 4 questions as correctly as possible has been quite a resource towards achieving my goal of delivering a speech effectively each time.

What is your message?

Every time you’re preparing to speak to people, it is very important to have a very clear message. I have found that knowing the message you wish to deliver helps you stay grounded and helps in the process of coming up with ways to deliver this message.

Who is your audience?

Sometimes, a certain message is appropriate for certain kind of audience and not another. As a speaker, it is therefore very important for you to know your audience so that you can align your message to their needs and expectations. Just like in knowing what message you wish to deliver, knowing your audience helps craft the best methods (ways) to deliver effectively to your audience and achieve the desired impact; this brings us to the why.

Why are you delivering the speech (message)?

As I grow older and as I become more in various ways (especially in areas that I seek to be of impact), I realize every day that one’s “why” should always be central. This is not different in speech delivery. When preparing to deliver a speech, it’s paramount for you to know your why; to know the reason for delivering that speech. Is it to inspire? Is it to inform/ educate? Is it to persuade/ convince the audience to get on board? Is it to entertain? Why are you delivering the speech/ message?

How best can you deliver your message?

Once you have a clear message with the knowledge of your audience and a clear why, it is key that you get this last question right; how best can you get your message home? This calls on you to think of the best styles and methods of “how to say it”. Will your kind of message for your audience and achieving your why be best delivered by employing storytelling, presentations and visual aids, examples and anecdotes, group discussions & audience engagement or what tools? Remember, you can employ as many tools as possible.

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All the best as you deliver effective and impactful speeches!


By Wanjiru Kaburu

Author|Speaker|Communication & Branding Strategist|Coach|Writer & Editor|Founder, Infinite Space


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